Emberassment with Friends and Family

Have you ever been embarrassed before? Some people will say that they have never been embarrassed but in reality, nearly everyone has been embarrassed at some point. Most likely, it is caused by a parent, spouse, or sister. Some embarrassments run deeper than teasing us about our personalities or something silly we did. Such as throwing up at a party or period blood soaking through your pants. I once threw up under the table at Lutheran school. I was so embarrassed about throwing up that I hid my head under my arm at the lunch table and gagged some out. It was ice cream. I still wonder why I didn’t just throw up in the bathroom.


Some people are seen naked and that can be embarrassing but maybe not for some people. Mainly prostitutes and free spirits. I once tripped on shrooms and me and my friend got naked. When I came down, they picked me out of the water and put me in the canoe to go back home. They gave me a life jacket to cover up with. I remember the first 5 seconds and nothing after.

Some say Jesus was crucified naked and even some others niggle over whether or not he gained several erections. Nudity is a strange cultural construct. One story I know is of the native tribesmen of Botswana who wear tiny leaves to cover their penises so that they would truly be naked and should an erection come, they would be embarrassed. I imagine the leaf would move quite a lot if there was an erection and still allow for a visible dong. But even though the side of the dong is visible and an erection would be obvious, Botswana men and woman tribesmen would not feel embarrassed. It’s all cultural. Why is it when we see boobs?

In ancient Mayan times, high priests would present their dongs and cut them for a blood sacrifice to the extraordinarily bizarre pantheon of Aztec gods of fire and breath and the destruction of all mankind. I would feel it would be embarrassing but I suppose the need for the God’s blessings made it so important that he or she wouldn’t think about cutting the penis as much. Same goes with your family doctor. Sometimes he or she must put a finger in your butthole. And hopefully, you washed up down there. But, in the moment you know it is necessary, credentials or not, so you put your head down and take it in your asshole.

If your life is not working for you right now, you can sell your possessions but not all of them. Eat ramen and ride your bike down to the river and get in.

One thing I would never want to happen is to crap my pants with diarrhea at school or work. That would definitely be embarrassing.


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