Dionysus and the Castle Folk

Everywhere looked like rainbows when I was a kid. There is a picture of me in overalls pointing at a rainbow and I’m loving it all. I am it all. When I close my eyes I see rainbows. When I look at the water I see rainbows. Everything is rainbows and I am part of everything. Being a kid was strange. It’s all you know, you know. Here I am. That’s all you know.

The first time I remember being with my Grandma, she picked me up in some puke green car from the seventies. I forget where we were going which makes me sad. It makes me even sadder that the only thing I remember is picking my nose. I have always loved picking my nose. This was before I cared that you weren’t supposed to do it in front of people. She caught me and told me to stop. I turned my head and tried to hide it but she caught me again. This might be the most vivid memory I have of my grandmother. It’s bizarre how all of that beauty of the timelessness of being is somehow associated with my grandma catching me picking boogers.

It’s like that scene in a movie where time stops and you know that moment will last forever and it gets so deep that you can’t even remember who anyone is, where it is, or what’s going on. Just sweet, timeless and pure.

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