Memories of Forgotten Times

Why look at an artifact? It’s dust. It’s dead. It’s a slice of life as it once was and will never be again. It’s faded and tells of a wisp of time that is pulled from our hands and set on a shelf that can never be reached again. It will make us ache. But with that ache, comes the heavenly grief of knowing we have loved and been loved.

We left others behind and others left us behind. We are ghosts to be seen once and to never be seen again. We can find a relic captured so lovingly that for one beautiful moment, all sorrow and all ecstasy live together eternally. For one beautiful moment, we leave our minds behind and settle into a fuzzy memory that feels more real than any place we have ever been before. We can stare into the void for as long as we like but we always come back to the dream that is not a dream. We lose everything to gain it all.

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