Babies Shouldn’t Be Sacrificed Necesarrily

Babies are born innocent. It’s not their fault that they are so ugly and screech like dying badgers. Just because something deserves to die doesn’t mean it should be so. Jesus said that a baby could be hung for a crime just like an adult because a child’s actions are his own just like his parents. I am not quick to say that capital punishment should be legal for children but I do believe there should be an age cutoff.

If we remember King Saul from the Book of our Lord Jesus H. Christ, we remember that he threatened to cut a baby in half. Saul is known as the greatest Jew king that there has ever been and it is evident some of this accolade comes from his courage in threatening to cut a baby in half. His gambit was pure genius as if one mother said he could cut the baby in half then he would know she was not the real mother and if nobody said anything, he got to cut a baby in half.

All I am saying is take some precaution when sucking and fucking. Wear a condom or take birth control. However, if you sincerely believe that your genes are so superior and need to be replicated, you are too far gone and I’m sure your kind will die out after the next evolution.


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