Cute Lydia with Tattoos and the Red Bass

Her arms are chunky but in a good way

All of her is chunky but in a good way

But she is still thin

In a way


Her arms ate up with ink

I want to follow them all the way down

Beneath feminine cotton and trendy denim


Her hair has been a different color every time

I know there are piercings

And I know I like them


I always had a crush on her

But sometimes the hate in your heart gets in the way

And you don’t know if you will really like someone

And you trip balls and your world gets turned upside down

And you are suddenly funny

And she always has been

And you want her to ask you home

But this isn’t that dream


But tonight your laugh ate its way into my guts

My face was stone but I burned inside


You are like a mom

But a mom I could fuck


You are so soft and I just clicked with you

We have our own wavelength

And I’ll argue and fight for that to my very death


I don’t want to hurt anyone else

And I don’t want to hurt myself


But I saw you once with a red bass

I don’t know if it was real or dream

Or what is real at all


But you told me you had a red bass a long time ago

And I don’t think that is an accident at all

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