Someone bring me a cigarette. I have money. Sexxxxx Clown

We were all by the fire

But I didn’t know anybody but darkness

And voices

But I felt

Everyone is fucked up

There is a clown that I remember from earlier

He’s much worse at night

One girl

Several guys

And a clown

I can’t see them because my glasses were smashed in the pit

But I can hear them talking about candy and chocolate bars

I ask the quiet guy I just smoked a bowl with what they mean

He smirks and tells me it’s feces

And we both know this is all ridiculous

But then he leaves and I’m all alone

Dark, blurry and so alone

With drunk men, drunk woman and a clown

And they are all teasing and fighting

And there are talks of touching boners and candy and chocolate bars

But I’m thirsty so I ask someone for help

And he teases me and leads me down a dark path to water

And back to my chair by the fire

He got a black eye in the pit

And he lets me know it too

Everyone is turning lights off

And he wonders aloud what the fuck they are doing at five in the morning

With the lights off

And I do too

But I know

And the boy with the fro keeps bringing me weed and it makes me feel safe again

Until I get too tired and there is nobody to talk to

And then I go try to sleep in the car and not throw up

At the crack of dawn I turn the engine on

Drive through the grass

Drive through the town

Blind except for colors

I come to the highway

Left or right?

I choose right

I was correct


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