Could’ve — Eyes + Words (Most Overrated WordPress Poem Week of August 28)

Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘I won’t keep you. Take what you need.’ The taste of implosion, a fluid symphony. Transference. Backs to one another. Embrace ridden with escape. Beautiful getaway. Peeking back years later, butterfly wing what ifs. ‘What could’ve been. We could have, and didn’t.’ Photography by Lauren Grayson

via Could’ve — Eyes + Words

Do you ever read a poem? And reread a poem? And you still don’t know what the fuck it is about or have any kind of emotional response to it at all? And at the same time you see that it has hundreds of likes and comments from people trying to ride the coattails of a successful blogger by jerking everything off? Well this is that poem!

Enjoy the unartistic ambiguity. Notice the bland imagery and the arrogant, but terrible word choice. Bon Appetit!

The Herpes Addict has been following this particular blogger for quite awhile now under several different monikers and we just might be blessed with another gold covered turd of a poem for next weeks edition of most overrated poems unless someone else can step up to the plate!


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