Slave to the Cock

Little piggy little piggy

I want to dowse you in gasoline

And stick cigarettes in your fucking eyes


I smiled and looked away

When I really wanted to take a stick

And shove it into your belly


And rape you with everybody watching me

And hearing you cry and beg me no

And then blow my load on the back of your fat fucking head


The best way to build a monument to this

Is to shove a stick straight up your stinky asshole


You were a blessing

Fire and vinegar

Beef and stripes

Comparing day to night

Wiling everything away


And everything today

I gave you flowers

Made of brown


I can’t always be here

I might not be now

But I saw you in the ocean

I saw you in the ground


I kept your memory alive

I remember you naked

But I didn’t look


We are still there

And the fishermen too

The fire was the only light

And I don’t think they knew


We dried off

And put our clothes back on

Somehow, I don’t remember that part


We drove to the playground

And it was night

And people were there

And I shouted loud

mid696 and fresh minced chilies

nothing can be better then having girl tideup like this somewhere where no one can hear her and then fuck all of her holes for as much as you like. put huge toys in every hole. fist her ass and pussy till you finally manage to put full hand inside both holes. then stretch her ass and pussy by inserting massive objects in her. big bottles for example or hand very very deep. torture her by putting acid on clit. fresh minced chilies in all of her holes. put needle in her clit.

Coach Would Have Fucked Me Longer if I Hadn’t Screamed

Jesus wept. The man had been a family friend. He was a greasy man. A fat man. He always offered Jesus little sausages. He touched Jesus a lot. And wore a robe.

In those days, a penis could come out in public now and again

And nobody would think anything about it.

Mary didn’t know much about penises and Joseph was always drunk on honey wine. When Mary would send Jesus down to the market to the greasy man with the exposed penis, she didn’t think anything of it. Nobody thought anything of it. Unfortunately, nobody knew Jesus was the son of God and the savior of all mankind and in that day, the Jews weren’t averse to watching a child get molested. It was the culture at the time like today it is okay to be a racist but not in public. Or how it is okay to sexualize young girls in only the United States.

Jesus was one with man and God even as a child and therefore he could do no wrong. Jesus once put his penis in a frog’s mouth but because he is the great I AM or Yahweh, it was not a sin and the Jews could nail Jesus to a cross, strip his clothes off, and tickle his penis to erection to deliver a grandma rapist from an eternal, fiery dick in his sensitive anus.

The greasy man liked little boys the most. His wife was fat and had a hairy mole but it wouldn’t matter what she looked like, he liked to trick young boys into touching his penis. The sad faces and grimaces would often make him ejaculate his semen all over their hands.

And my leg twisted and it popped and it felt like it was being crushed by cement and ripped in half and I screamed and looked at it and I hated God and myself and the woman who raped me. And all of time was evil and all of hell was Satan and all of me was not dead, but forced to live an eternity of feces and decay and a torture chamber full of spiked, winged devices to rip my anus to shreds and able at the same time to repair the horrible damage to my veiny asshole, only to expand and rip it again.


And on that hike, while tripping on mushrooms and weed and cough syrup and having just received a hand job, to walk a trail, in the midst of a beautiful forest and trees and wind and birds and to finish the walk and to come to terms with and to stand above a river that bends around and is below me and I am high and it’s so beautiful and I have to admit I raped her. I raped her so many times. And I stepped on that baby bird. And its body popped open and it screamed and I was helpless and it died. But I didn’t see it until it was too late.


Like the time my dad took a hamster outside, and I didn’t see him do it, but I saw in my mind and he stomped its brains out and it screamed too.

And it makes me sad to not get the words out and everything is misspelled and mispronounced and grammar escapes me but there were two blue racers. They were snakes. And one was male and the other was female. And he took the shovel and chopped the male’s head off. And he curled and twitched and died. And the female left. And I don’t remember what she said.

And my cousin’s dad shot a pigeon. And twisted its head off and put it on a stake to attract other pigeons but none ever came.

The greasy man tricked Jesus into touching his brown, veiny dick. And after Jesus touched it, he was easy to convince to stroke it. And Jesus did and when the sticky semen spilled on his big toe nail, Jesus wept.

I’m Scared to Let Him Stroke My Cock

I don’t think I mind the ugly inside of me as much as I dislike the mundane


It’s embarrassing to get on a stage

Pull down your pants and underwear

Cup your dick and balls

And push a peanut shell up your asshole

For everyone to see


But it’s better

It’s eternally better

Than it is to watch from the crowd

With khaki pants, a straight face, and a boner

Love until Hate

I love you so much


You are pale and chunky

Your lips are red

Your eyes and hair are black


You always wear flip flops and play the bass

Legs wide



But I know I would hate you

I know I would destroy you

Would use you


And that road is one we will go down

But will never know


You’re welcome if that’s my right to say

Firework Chain Gang

I’ll be the ugly

I’ll be the spit

The vomit


I’ll roll in glass on the floor

And put my finger down my throat


I just want a smile

I just want to die


Just a second

Not a lifetime

I want to be the firework that burns up


And that makes you go Ah!